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U.S.A. Kids Sippy CupThese are the words that let the world know that whatever products come from our country have the stamp of approval from all of us who live and work here. It also carries our pride in what we have done and our belief in what we can do.

Now we are proud to attach these words to our newest product and introduce you to the youngest delegation yet to carry our story out to the world. They are the "U.S.A. Kids.”  Your children—and ours—who are the future of our country and come equipped with an “I can do" spirit that leads them through all of their first big accomplishments, like loving, laughing, crawling, walking, talking and, one of their latest, sipping... from their first cup.

Our four “U.S.A. Kids” insulated sippy cups are engineered and manufactured right here at home with our innovative “no-leak-lid" and decorated with colorful fun illustrations your kid will love.

Have fun with our site. Share your child and their accomplishments in our gallery and help them celebrate the things they “can do” with our song.


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